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Statement pertaining to the series "Ethereal Luminescence"

"Ethereal Luminescence" is an ongoing series of abstract, expressionistic photographs that was started in the summer of 2012 at a light show and continued at fireworks shows, urban street scenes and amusement parks. They are not intended to be photographs of something, they are something.

My primary mission as a fine art photographer is to stir people's emotions with compelling, beautiful images. Through its abstraction, these photographs capture the drama and excitement of the vibrant and colorful public places that we enjoy so much. The illustration of high energy motion with colored light using still photography creates a fusion of dynamic beauty illustrating the emotional exhilaration and pleasure that people experience at these events.

Art critic, Renee Phillips, called them, " ...a mesmerizing symphonic explosion of color, light and motion. He takes viewers on other-worldly journeys through space and time and preserves those magical, ephemeral, fleeting moments that make our hearts beat faster and our spirits soar."

"Ethereal Luminescence" began at a botanical garden in the woods, at night, where people were viewing a light show and it evolved into capturing those feelings at many public events that use dramatic lighting. The first representational images were not beautiful or magical in any way and forced me to do some challenging experiments with camera technique. After many tests, the magic began to happen and became clearly visible on the back of the camera as colorful abstractions. Amazed show goers volunteered their comments. "Wow!" "What is that?" "This is magic!" "How did you do that?" "I can't believe the color!" "These don't look like photographs!" Recently, art critic, Anne R. Fabbri, exclaimed ... "Peter Treiber, with his 'Eternal Luminescence' series, doesn't attempt to explain how he captured his dynamic, abstract compositions in vivid, pulsating colors. But viewing them raises one's energy level— just what's needed for a post-holiday ennui."

After four years of shooting 60 events, there are now more than 10K images in this series. The numerous, colorful and popular gatherings make people feel good and these "Ethereal Luminescence" images express those feelings in a way that can be shared with many, forever.

Some of my most recent exhibit creations dissect the photographic image into its basic elemental colors, cyan magenta and yellow. While the visual effect is red, blue and green. Others heighten the bold saturated colors with neon accents including kinetic (beaded) neon.

Here are some comments on my recently finished, award winning ‘New Arts Program' solo show.

Tim Higgins, when reviewing the show, said, ..."Starbursts and waves of pure light coalesce into visualized galaxies. The stylized photographs of Peter Treiber bring to mind something between electron microscopy, the painterly abstraction of Modernism, a trip through time and space or the climactic scene of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Ron Schira said, ..."these seem to be more portraits of energy than of any real objects. Intensely colorful and abstracted to near unrecognizability, they carry an impression of incessant swirling motion within an indeterminate mental space of light trails and glowing forms."

Technical notes: All but one of these photographs were made as single exposures with a high resolution digital camera and only minimum color corrections and cropping were made during post production.

Peter B. Treiber, Photographer