May 11, 2016, "Ethereal Luminescence" opens in the Tubbs Gallery at The Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach Delaware



April 21, 2018 Today is the opening of a colossal photography exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. Famous photography curator Anne Wilkes Tucker has painstakingly reviewed 14 million photographs at the Library of Congress and selected 440 images from 148 photographers for the show, “Not an Ostrich.” I am proud to say that my image of Bethlehem Steel coal miners is one of the selected images and is part of the introductory video.



April 12, 2018, First Place Award, Maryland Federation of Art, Curve Gallery

Juror: John James Anderson, "Sandblasting, Hoboken Yard"



April 2016 Peter has joined the Atlantic Gallery in NYC, 548 West 28th St. New York, NY




Photo + Magazine article and interview with Julia Kim (Korea) p.22 -p.27

Q] What’s the meaning of your subject matter “Ethereal Luminescence”?

A] In the English language, “ethereal” means light, delicate, airy, heavenly, celestial, or not of this world. “Luminescence” refers to the light not created by heat. Since my favorite light sources are LEDs, I felt that “luminescence” applied to my work. My most delicate and out of this world (ethereal) photos are those made using LED light sources which create luminescence.

Q] Can you tell me why did you start shooting abstract photographs like <Ethereal Luminescence>? Where did you get inspiration to do this work?

A] I was looking for a way to illustrate both the dynamic lighting effects of a light show in a forest and the joy and exhilaration of the people viewing the show. I was not intending for the photos to be abstract, but the experimentation with my camera showed wonderful images that were abstract by chance. I was not happy with traditional photos at night using a tripod. My wife and I were so pleased with the my experimental results that I decided to use my technique at other light shows, amusement parks and even fireworks shows.

Q] Your images are full of excitement and joy, it looks fantastic and dynamic. Can you explain about this work process such as planning images, searching locations, capturing lights?

A] Basically, all I need is light sources at night. If the lights are moving, that is better. If the light is from LEDs, that is better also. People use lights to attract other people to their events, such as, amusement parks, shopping centers, city amusements and to light show performances and fireworks. With the dark or black background, I am able to build up my images during long or multiple exposures. To date, however, I am not using more than a single exposure.

Q] What is your message that express through your work?

A] I am trying to show excitement and joy, as well as, to make images that are beautiful, magical, intriguing, and to make people feel good.

Q] Are there any difficulties with taking photos or any other things?

A] I have had no special difficulties, but I make very many exposures and constantly make small changes in my composition, movement and exposure. Making my images with a digital camera facilitates checking my work as I shoot. My only regret is that camera engineers have decided to turn off the live view once the shutter is triggered. This makes it difficult to follow movement precisely during long exposures.

Q] What’s your interest you have recently and could you tell us a hint about next project?

A] I still have more ideas to pursue with “Ethereal Luminescence” such as changing the background to a very light color.



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