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Ethereal Luminescence photos:

"Peter Treiber‘s dramatic abstract photography may be described as a mesmerizing symphonic explosion of color, light and motion. He takes viewers on other-worldly journeys through space and time and preserves those magical, ephemeral, fleeting moments that make our hearts beat faster and our spirits soar." Renee Phillips: Art critic & Art writer

..."dynamic, abstract compositions in vivid, pulsating colors... raises one’s energy level— just what’s needed" Anne R. Fabbri: Philadelphia's Broad Street Review

...."Your gallery ... consists of 122 images. Most of them appear to be total abstractions. Some are non-represenational. Others are built on reality. They roll. They rock. They swirl. They sometimes define shapes. They are dreamlike. They are…magical" Ian Summers: Raconteur, Artist, Career Coach, Motivational Speaker & Workshop Presenter

"Your images are full of excitement and joy, it looks fantastic and dynamic." Photo + Magazine article and interview with Julia Kim (Korea)

Bethlehem Steel, Library of Congress photos:

"Your work is important art and documentary. You should be very proud." Forrest Old, Red Filter Gallery

"Congratulations! That is great news, and well deserved!" Tom Werner, New School

"This is great news. Congratulations!" Peter Barberie, Philadelphia Museum of Art

"CONGRATULATIONS!!! " Ricardo Viera, Director/Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation

“The most stunning visual history I’ve ever seen. Peter Treiber captures the beauty and power of the steelmaking process and portrays it as fine art. Art that describes one of man’s most ennobling efforts, the creation of basic materials for the betterment of human life.” Ed Riccio, President, BethForge

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